Satsuki Yotsuba
Satsuki serving meals at Chao Bao Zi.
Biographical Information

Unknown, presumably Mahora, Japan


May 12, 1990



Physical Information







156cm (5' 1")


86cm - 76cm - 87cm
(34" - 30" - 34")

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Family and Political Information

Class 3-A

"Whether it grew from a need for vengeance or from deciding to run from something... strength is still strength."
—Satsuki Yotsuba

Satsuki Yotsuba (四葉 五月, Yotsuba Satsuki) is a character from the series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi by Ken Akamatsu and a protagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. She is the 30th student on the class 3-A roster. The gentle cook of the class. She enjoys cooking and so is in the cooking club. She also works at Chao Bao Zi, a restaurant operated out of a streetcar that sells meat buns and other foods with Chao Lingshen, Satomi Hakase, Ku Fei, and Chachamaru Karakuri. She is also the school dining officer.

A very nice and hard-working person, Satsuki is liked by everyone in Mahora, even Evangeline A.K. McDowell has some respect for her (who sees the rest of the class as a pack of air-headed beasts, noting how Satsuki holds a more realistic outlook on life). Her very presence creates an atmosphere of serenity, and she can quickly put a stop to fights even between the hot-headed students in the High School and University Martial Arts Clubs.

Satsuki's dream is to have her own restaurant, as she likes making people happy through her food.


Mages vs. MarsEdit

Main article: Mages vs. Mars

Satsuki seems to be privvy to the details of Chao's true identity, and presumably the existence of magic, as she had helped Takamichi Takahata, and later Misora Kasuga and Cocone Fatima Rosa escape from Chao's underground complex.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Cooking Ability: Satsuki loves cooking and is therefore, praised for her mastery. As such, she is a member of the Mahora Cooking Club, the school's dining officer, and works in Chao's mobile restaurant. She is even respected by Evangeline, and is known among the students of Mahora for her cooking expertise. The food she prepares garnered enough money to budget Chao's plan.
  • Piloting Ability: Satsuki has demonstrated the ability to pilot the Chao Bao Zi.


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