Kentaro Sakata
Kentaro in casual clothing.
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Hinata, Japan


January 7th, 1986



Physical Information







171cm (5' 8")

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Family and Political Information


"You're dangerous, you know that. You should worry about whether you'll get arrested for assault. And isn't it still illegal to wear a sword in public?"
—Kentaro Sakata, talking to Seno Nakakami

Kentaro Sakata (坂田 健太朗, Sakata Kentarō) is a character from the series Love Hina by Ken Akamatsu. He is a rich, handsome, genre savvy high-school graduate who acted as Keitaro Urashima’s one time rival for Naru Narusegawa’s affections.


Early LifeEdit

Presumably born in Hinata, Japan, very little is known about Kentaro's childhood. It is known Kentaro first noticed Naru during the first year of high school, Kentaro also noticed that she was endeared to her tutor, Noriyasu Seta, and so bided his time until Seta left the picture.

Kentaro at Hinata-SouEdit

Come graduation day he sprung his attempt to compel her, arriving at the Hinata-Sou on board his family owned transportation and personally took Naru to the graduation.

While visiting Naru for a second time, he and the rest of the Hinata residents became acquainted with he and Keitaro arguing over whether or not Naru would fall for the other. While he had intended to take Naru alone to Kanagawa Neverland, she, seemingly oblivious to his intentions, convinced him to buy tickets for all of the Hinata residents instead.

Priority ShiftEdit

As a result of Keitaro fleeing the country, Seno Nakakami, Motoko Nakakami, Shippu and Naru find themselves on their way to Pararakelse with the aide of Kentaro and his jet ship. With sparse conversation from Naru, it does not take long before it is revealed that Tama has stowed away upon the ship. Upon sight of the turtle, Motoko promptly faints. Motoko's return to consciousness was short-lived, however, when the rest of the group notice a flock of flying turtles fleeing the island in exodus. Unable to continue their flight path, according to Kentaro, Naru decides that they've come far enough for her to continue her search on her own, and resorts to jumping out of the craft, smacking Kentaro in the face with one of her wings in the process.


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