Kazue Aoyama
Kazue in modern dress.
Biographical Information

Unknown, presumably Hinata, Japan


Physically 20

Physical Information







149cm (4' 10")


77cm - 56cm - 79cm
(30" - 22" - 31")

Hair Color


Family and Political Information

Seno Nakakami

"I am yours to command, de gozaru."
—Kazue Aoyama

Kazue Aoyama (青山 和枝, Aoyama Kazue), is a fictional character and a protagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. She is the spirit that inhabits one of Seno Nakakami's swords, Kagetaku. Althought subservient to him, due to him being the rightful wielder of the sword, this does not stop her from being primarily a snarker. Outgoing and a natural speaker, Kazue commonly attempts to play the 'smooth talker' in any situation, though her logic tends to fail her and leave her in unpleasant situations. Worse comes to worse, she ends up flirting her way out of trouble, giving her a rather sore reputation.

She has the habit of using the archaic phrase "de gozaru."


Early LifeEdit

At one point in her history (though at the most important), Kazue was a servant to Hisato Aoyama, a samurai from an age long since dead and gone. She served loyally as a ninja, performing any feat that Hisato would ask of her with a fierce determination. Eventually, Kazue's master was slain; a task, however, remained. According to a pact made with Hisato, Kazue would bind herself to her master's wakizashi if she should ever be killed. Staying true to the request, Kazue underwent the process, binding her spirit to the blade. She entered a deep sleep and awaited the next wielder of Shinaijou, to whom she would awaken and pledge her allegiance.


In 2007, Kazue would finally be woken when her blade was passed to the hands of Seno Nakakami. His family bestowed Kagetaku unto him, and with that, he became the new master of Kazue and her powers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • To be expanded upon.


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