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Katerine Bayischerwald
Katerine in non-Fireteam Charlie combat gear.
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Cat hanyou





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Fireteam Charlie, Grammaton Team, Mahora University

"But mark my words, Negi Springfield. If you ever do something like this to her again, I'll cut you to pieces and mail you back to England."
—Katerine Bayischerwald, after Negi Springfield erases Yuuna Akashi's memory during the Kyoto Incident

Katerine Bayischerwald is a fictional character and protagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. A university student and one of the student leaders of Fireteam Charlie, Katerine commands the special forces group Grammaton Team. A cat hanyo hailing from Germany, her father had sealed her true form when in the mundane world, though this seal disappeared in areas of high magic concentration, revealing her tail and ears. An avid cosplayer and video gamer herself, she was one of the original members of the survival game club that would eventually become Fireteam Charlie before Chao's plans turned it into something bigger than that. During Mages vs Mars, she commanded a sizable chunk of the mobile forces, and was one of the keys in ensuring that Defense Point Echo stood longer than it would otherwise. Due to her strength and the power of the World Tree, she could easily lift a reinforced, wide-bladed zweihander as if it were a rapier, coming to Lorenzo's attention when she singlehandedly fought a Jiralhanae created by magic in the opening days of the festival.