Setsuna Sakurazaki, a hanyou cast out by her kin

A group of inhabitants of Terras Magicus, the term hanyou or hanyō is used to refer to any person who is half-demon, or youkai, and half-human. It does not matter what type of demon heritage the hanyou has, as all half-demons are called hanyou.

As people, hanyou are often outcast by their human brethren because of their demon heritage, deeming them monsters, while their demon kin rejects them due to their human blood, considering them weak, or, in some cases, bad omens. In effect, half-demons are outcast for belonging to neither race.

Hanyou are often considered inaccurately to be demi-human; they are not a true breeding species. The most common hanyou are traditionally the conceived children between a full youkai and a human.

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